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Released in 2008, IceCream VST is an 8 bit sounding chiptune retro inspired synthesizer. Icecream can generate some nice authentic and whacky retro chiptune sounds, like that of a theme song for a Super Nintendo or a Gameboy.



  • 8-bit/Chip style Mono/Poly synthesizer.

  • Dual Osc’s.

  • 4 Octave per OSC.

  • Osc2 Finetune.

  • Step Sequencer Pitch/Filter.

  • Bitcrusher 8bit,16bit, 24bit, 32bit.

  • Filter Section.

  • Amp/Filter ADSR.

  • Harmonics Switch.

  • Reverb/Delay.

  • X/Y Pad.

  • Glide and Glide Rate.



Download :

Some Video Demos :

BEAT Magazine Review (German)

Review in German Magazine BEAT

NIGHTMAKER | Educational Synth



Released in 2011, Nightmaker | Educational Synth was built for Nightmaker Studios training centre, a fun synth with clean sounds featuring descriptions on every component to help learn and understand the most basic features and signal flow in a typical synthesizer.



  • Midi In/Out

  • Polyphonic

  • Dual OSC's

  • Amp ADSR

  • Filter ADSR

  • Multiband Filter

  • Reroutable Wires / Signal Path

  • Expanded Descriptions

Download :

Some Video Demos :

NM Educational.png

Moog Little Phatty | VST Controller

Before Moog released their own version ;)

Cosmics Little Phatty VST controller.JPG

Released in 2008, the Little Phatty VST Controller controls Midi coming in and out of your Moog Little Phatty to your DAW, as an Effect or as a VST instrument. You assign the Midi coming in and out from your Moog Little Phatty to send and recieve Midi signals for keyboard, knob and various control values. All presets saved will save on your computer, so when you load up a session with a preset, all of the values on your Moog Little Phatty will correspond to those values. All parameters are also fully automatable in your DAW.



  • Midi In/Out

  • Preset Storage

  • Post Effect EQ

  • Post Effect Reverb / Delay

  • Virtual Keyboard

  • Full Automation

Download :

sequence logo.png

Ableton Style Loop Sequencing for Unity3d

Sequence Dev.png

SEQUENCE was prototyped and developed by LoPoly for the Unity3d game engine, the toolkit received support from David Helgason, CEO and founder of Unity Technologies and the Unity3d Games Developer community.


prototypes / Concepts

fuse example3_edited.jpg
iicecream 2  banner4.png
The Box2.jpg
The Box4.jpg
The Box3.jpg
The Boxwood.jpg
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