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Brendan Sutton

Artist / Developer / Music Producer

from Dublin, Ireland

//LoPoly Games

Co-Founder / Lead Developer / Designer / Art Director

//Nightmaker Studios

Co-Founder / Producer / Designer


Songwriter / Producer / Vocals

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Brendan is a versatile and accomplished professional with a proven track record in the realms of Music Production, Sound Engineering, Video Game Design, and Multimedia Arts. A creative visionary with a strong foundation in various design, development, and production software.


Demonstrates expertise in managing successful ventures, from establishing Nightmaker Studios to co-founding Lopoly Games. Skilled in multidisciplinary roles, encompassing programming, 2D/3D art, animation, music, sound effects, level design, game mechanics, and UI/UX design and implementation.

Art & Design

Brendan found his passion for creating art and music on computers from a young age. His artistic journey ignited during his formative years, where he excelled as an A-grade art student in primary & secondary school, establishing a solid foundation in artistic principles.


Driven by an innate passion for drawing and art, he seamlessly merged this love with technology, exploring various design, development, and production software. This artistic odyssey culminated in the creation of Nightmaker Studios in Dublin. Beyond recording artists, Brendan extended his artistic prowess to mentor students, unraveling the intricacies of music production. His lifelong commitment to art, coupled with technological innovation, defines his unique and compelling creative narrative.

Games & Software

Transitioning to Video Game Design, Brendan co-founded Lopoly Games, an independent game development company from Dublin, Ireland. Showcasing his diverse skill set, the success of web games like "Discman: The Legend of Danny Crask" set the stage for Lopoly Games to make a mark on the Irish game development scene. In 2023, we ventured into PC and Console gaming with "Filthy Animals: Heist Simulator" where Brendan contributed to programming, 2D/3D art, animation, music, sound effects, level design, and game mechanics.


Brendan has also programmed and released a series of virtual instruments under "Cosmic Boy" (Icecream VST, Nightmaker Educational Synth, Little Phatty Controller) and was co-founder of Nightmaker Studios in 2010, which has since evolved into a games design studio - LoPoly Games



As a music producer Cosmic has worked with Irish and International acts including The Rubberbandits initial singles (Horse Outside, Fight Your Father), Russell, CLU, Kodaline (Live), Jodie Abacus (UK), and also creates music and content for Video Games, YouTubers and Influencers including Moo Snuckle and The Gaming Terroriser (Shave my Balls - Over 3 Million Streams)

In 2019 he began self publishing solo music under "Cosmic" (formally Cosmic Boy) Genres of music range from Electronic, Funk, Hip-Hop, EDM, Pop, Disco and everything between, but all of a similar unique and familiar nostalgic infused style.

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