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ICECREAM VST for Windows / PC

Updated: Apr 21

ICECREAM 8-BIT SOUNDING POLY/MONOPHONIC CHIP STYLE SYNTHESIZER, If you want to create a chip-tune style music.

Icecream is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Relesed in 2008, IceCream VST is a 8 bit sound chiptune like synthesizer. It can generate some some nice sound like a theme song on a Nintendo or Gameboy game.


  • 8-bit/Chip style Mono/Poly synthesizer.

  • Dual Osc’s.

  • 4 Octave per OSC.

  • Osc2 Finetune.

  • Step Sequencer Pitch/Filter.

  • Bitcrusher 8bit,16bit, 24bit, 32bit.

  • Filter Section.

  • Amp/Filter ADSR.

  • Harmonics Switch.

  • Reverb/Delay.

  • X/Y Pad.

  • Glide and Glide Rate.

Download :

Download ZIP • 2.73MB

Some Video Demos :

Review in German Magazine BEAT

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